Preserving the ART of Indian Cooking

16 Dec 2017 no comments Gauri B Categories health

Did you know that an average Indian spends more than 13 hours a week cooking their food, which is around double the international average? That’s right; we are very particular about our food & its nutrition and hence we prefer it homemade to keep the nutrition intact. Most of us like our Chapatis hot, right off the tava pan. Yet, many should stay content with casserole stored or foil packed. You will agree that there’s a world of difference between the both, in terms of taste and marginally on nutrition too.

I remember watching foreign celebrity chefs coming to India, learn Indian cooking and then host “The great Indian food experiment”. They would proudly display their “twist” in the style of Indian cooking on their highly-funded TV shows, not really focusing on the diverse taste and nutrition bit. Foreign audiences perhaps love so much of color and drama inside the Indian kitchens. However, I would cringe whenever they would put cumin seeds in cold oil or pour red chili powder on top a gravy without slow roasting it beforehand with other spices. The very essence of keeping the nutrition balanced gets lost there.

And this is not all - one small mistake in preparing a gravy can ruin the entire dish; both taste and nutrition wise. Though perfection is overrated - still one would expect the internationally acclaimed chefs to be a bit more careful while showing off their expertise at Indian cooking, and not miss out on the nutrition value of food.

It takes a lot of time to understand the right combination of spices to mix with different kinds of vegetables and meat. Unlike most restaurants, who basically offer everything in four major gravies (red, green, brown and white); the food cooked in Indian homes is much more diverse in terms of taste, color and nutrition as well.

There are numerous small tips of traditional Indian cooking that are passed on from one generation to another. These small nuances of home cooking cannot be learned in any Indian cooking crash course. Also, this nitty-gritty in the preparation and presentation of food make India’s food scene one of the most vibrant and distinct, packed with flavors, color and nutrition.

At CalorieSmart, we understand and respect the age-old tradition of Indian style of cooking. Every Indian dish is prepared with utmost care, maintaining its authentic flavors, natural colors and foods original nutrition. Similarly, we try maintaining authenticity in our global platters as well. Check out our weekly menu and do subscribe to our newsletter; I would be writing more in the coming days.