Gourmet Lunch Menu

Beetroot and Coconut Milk Soup with a Green Mexican Salad in Jalapeno and Cilantro Dressing. Veg/ Chicken Fajita Wrap to make this Mexican Meal awesome.
Let's get some tangy freshness in on Tuesday afternoon. Serving with an awesome protein laden soup and salad, this dish will be a distinct change for you. This is the Indian Fusion of Tacos served for you.
Wednesday Fun begins with a Corn Stew with Quinoa served as main grains. Potato veggies served all on the side.
Garden Salad, cut diced and with Honey Mustard Dressing to taste served with Spaghetti Today and Tomato Spinach Soup today in this Italian meal.
Lots of vegetables chopped finely and thrown in with Chinese sauces to make the Schewan Sauce with Noodles and Crispy Vegetables.

Indian Lunch Menu

Get methi malai special this afternoon. Serving Green Moong Tadka, Rice, Salad and Roti on the side. Monday needs to be special the CS way.
Tuesday afternoon demands an oriental bowl. So, we are serving you today Chilli Paneer / Chicken with a hearty portion of Vegetable Fried Rice and Chowmein and Chinese Vegetables
Middle of the week with everyone's all time favorite - Dal served along with a flavourful and protein packed Soya matar/Chicken keema, rice & roti on the side with Gajar Raita
Have a power-packed Thursday afternoon with delicious Chana Masala with Rotis and Seasonal vegetable along with an appetizing raita and rice.
Ending the week with a ghar ki thali type of meal with the awesome gajar matar to taste. Dal, Dessert and Chapati served with all meals