Health Motto Of The Sweet Potato

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Orange-fleshed or the spectacular purple, sweet potatoes may be one of nature’s unsurpassed sources of beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes are a nutritious and delicious food choice. They are easy to prepare and available all year long. If you are looking for an all-natural source of quality carbohydrate that is gluten-free and chock-full of nutrition, then get cooking with sweet potatoes. These nutrient-dense  root vegetables come in a variety of colours. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fibre and contains an array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium, and they’re a good source of most of our B vitamins and vitamin C. One of the key nutritional benefits of sweet potato is that they’re high in an Antioxidant known as Beta-Carotene, which converts to vitamin A once consumed.  The superior ability of sweet potatoes to raise our blood levels of vitamin A is particularly true for children. They can be enjoyed with or without the skin and can be baked, boiled, roasted, fried, steamed, or pan-cooked.

Their natural sweetness pairs well with many different seasonings, and they can be enjoyed in both savoury and sweet dishes. Sweet potatoes are versatile and can be prepared in many ways, making them an exceptional carb option for most people.

Preparing sweet potatoes with a little fat — such as coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado — can help boost the absorption of beta-carotene since it’s a fat-soluble nutrient.

White potatoes and sweet potatoes are related, but they differ in calorie count and nutrition. Both members of the tuber family, sweet potatoes rank lower on the glycemic index chart, meaning they tend to raise blood sugar at a slower pace.


  • Sweet potatoes are rich in fibre and antioxidants, which protect your body from free radical damage and promote a healthy gut and brain.
  • Sweet potatoes are almost completely fat-free.
  • A medium sweet potato provides about two grams of protein.
  • Sweet potato is an excellent source of vitamin A and a good source of vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid.
  • Significant minerals in sweet potatoes include potassium, copper, and manganese.
  • Consumption of plant foods, like sweet potatoes, decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and overall mortality.


Inexpensive and delicious, sweet potatoes make for some yummy meals. The good news is that they’re also highly nutritious and help your body in several ways.  Not only do they taste like dessert, but they provide some surprising health benefits.

Acts as an Anti-Ageing Agent

If you love to eat the sweet potato chatpata chaat, enjoy every bite of  it guilt-free. Did you know that eating sweet potato could well mean you’re giving the right food to your skin? Sweet potatoes contain Vitamin C, which stimulates the production of collagen—the protein responsible for keeping our skin firm and supple. This means that this vegetable has the power to reverse the signs of ageing.  So get to the veggie market and stock up on sweet potatoes now!


Promotes Eye Health

While we take special care of various parts of our body, we often ignore our eye health. Vitamin A deficiency can damage vision; the cornea can become dry, leading to clouding of the front of the eye. It also prevents essential pigments from being produced. If you wish to pay attention to your eyes, it’s time to consume sweet potatoes. Correcting vitamin A deficiencies with foods high in beta-carotene can restore vision. Sweet Potatoes contain Beta-carotene or vitamin A—an excellent nutrient for the eyes.


Deals with Stress

 Stress causes the blood levels of potassium and magnesium to drop in our body. Sweet potatoes have a high content of these nutrients that help in re-balancing and normalising your heartbeat, which ensures reduced stress levels.


Maintains Heart Health

 Sweet potatoes are enriched with potassium as well as vitamin B6 and can help keep your heart health in check. That’s because the potassium in them helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body—a process that’s important for stabilizing blood pressure as well as keeping the functions of your heart in check.


Helps in Digestion

If you have been suffering from digestion problems too often, sweet potatoes can be your go-to vegetable. The fibre and magnesium in them help cure several stomach issues like bowel problems and acidity.  Sweet potatoes help to prevent constipation and promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract.

Reduces Inflammation

Choline, present in sweet potatoes, is a very important and versatile nutrient; it helps with sleep, muscle movement, learning, and memory. Choline  also helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation.



Unlike other starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes are considered to be anti-diabetic food. Sweet potatoes are considered low on the glycemic index scale, and they may reduce episodes of low blood sugar and insulin resistance in people with diabetes. The fibre in sweet potatoes is also important. High-fibre diets have improved blood sugar, lipids, and insulin levels.


Aids in Weight Loss

Sweet potatoes are rich in important nutrients, which can help you stay healthy as you lose weight. They are considered low-glycemic foods that do not cause an instant spike in blood sugar levels, further helping maintain weight efficiently. The high water content in sweet potatoes makes them great for weight loss.


The skin of a sweet potato is edible. Eating the skin will add more nutrition to your plates such as fibre and potassium. Just make sure that you have washed and scrubbed the sweet potato thoroughly before using it in recipes. Keeping the skin on helps retain the nutrients and enhances the nutritional quality. Also baking them is a better choice than boiling. Boiling can cause water-soluble nutrients to be lost.

Sweet Potato in all its nutritional goodness and its benefit punch deserves a place in your kitchen pantry. Make sure to stock up this nutrient-dense vegetable the next time you visit your vegetable vendor.

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