Wednesday,16thAugFrench AffairCeaser Salad, Roasted garlic – pumpkin soup & Herbed vegetables
Chicken Croquette /Soya & Peas

Enjoy delicious mushroom croquettes in veg/chicken for your mid week afternoon meal. Serving along with roast garlic and pumpkin soup & fresh caeser salad to go on the side.

Roast Garlic and Pumpkin Soup – Pumpkin cooked with milk, pureed and chilled with roasted garlic flavour
Ceasar Salad – Romaine lettuce and iceberg tossed with cherry tomatoes, dressed in a hung curd dressing and some fresh mangoes
Soya Veg / Chicken croquette to be eaten with Herebed Vegetabkes, rich in flavour and also proteins.