Wednesday, 16thAugSpices of SouthCucumber and coconut salad, Veg Sambhar, Lemon Rice & Roti
Chicken chettinad /Veg Poriyal

In a mood for something different? These spices from South of India will surely make your mid week interesting. We offer Veg Sambhar, lemon rice and veg poriyal/chicken chettinad with cucumber & coconut salad and roti.

Cucumber and coconut salad – finely chopped cucumber with fresh grated coconut tossed together.
Sambhar – Arhar dal cooked with bottle gourd, onions, tomatoes, drumsticks, pumpkin and seasoned with south indian spices, tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves
Veg Poriyal/Chicken chettinad -Bottle gourd, eggplant, pumpkin, cauliflower, beans, carrots cooked with onions and tomatoes and seasoned with south indian spices/ Chicken seasoned and cooked with south indian spices.
Lemon rice – Lemon juice gives a very refreshing and tangy flavor to the rice, that’s tempered with south indian spices
Roti – Whole wheat dough cooked into a flat bread on a skillet