Monday, 14thAugKadhai KurchanMix Raita, Dhabe Wali Dal, Tricolor Rice & Roti
Kadhai Chicken / Kadhai Paneer

Slightly spicy and tangy kadhai paneer/chicken served along with mix raita, a healthier version of the traditional dal fry, roti and tricolor rice.

Mix Raita – Yogurt whipped with onions & tomatoes; seasoned with bhuna jeera powder.
Dhabe wali Dal- Arhar dal cooked with onions and tomatoes; and seasoned with indian spices
Kadhai Paneer/Kadhai chicken – Chicken/paneer cooked with onions, tomatoes and green peppers; seasoned with indian spices
Tricolor Rice – Rice inspired by the 3 integral colors of our national flag.
Roti – Whole wheat dough cooked into a flat bread on a skillet