Friday,18thAugFriday FancyJalebi, Sabat Masoor, Veg Pulao & Roti
Tandoori Chicken /Matar Aloo

So, what do you fancy on a Friday afternoon lunch plate. Lets make it exciting for you. Serving sabat masoor dal with matar aloo/tandoor chicken with veg pualo and roti on the side; and of course the childhood favorite – Jalebis for your sweet tooth.

Jalebi – childhood favorite; this desert is made from bengal gram flour batter fried and then dipped in sugar syrup
Masoor Dal – Black Masoor daal cooked with onions, tomatoes and seasoned with indian spices
Aloo matar/Tandoori Chicken – Potatoes cooked in a spicy Indian curry with onions and tomatoes, seasoned with spices/Chicken marinated well in indian spices and grilled in Tandoor
Veg Pulao – Rice steamed and cooked with cauliflower, peas, carrots, beans
Roti – Whole wheat dough cooked into a flat bread on a skillet