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Homecooked Indian meals everyday

Meal includes Dal, One dry Vegetable/ Chicken. Alongside we serve Salad,Raita,Whole Wheat Chapatis & Rice.Balanced Meals with Proteins and Greens.
Veg-Rs 129/NonVeg-Rs 159

World Cusines on your plate everyday

Offers Mexican , Italian , Thai, Asian Fusion Options and many more. A different taste for your pallate each day , Calorie Controlled and Portion Controlled.
Veg-Rs 199/NonVeg-Rs 249


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"It has been exactly 2 years of our association with Calorie Smart. Their extremely light and healthy food has never resulted in anyone here ever dozing off. Maintaining the same kind of high standard in food quality, logistics and even the competitive prices speaks volumes about them. Please keep up the good work and shed the good mantra of "enthusiasm" our side as well. Cheers!!!"
I've been a subscriber to Caloriesmart close to a year now and can conclusively say its a good option for fussy, variety hungry, hurried individuals like myself. They provide you with good options (God knows I need them all the time), great food and consistent service with an ear that's receptive to feedback. A good alternative to home food at work!"
SAHIL VOHRA, Smile Group
"I got to know about them through a friend at the gym who was managing her calorie intake through them. So I started using them and not only did it saved me some cooking time for my lunch but also made it very easy for me control my calorie intake. It’s very tasty too and I would recommend it to many home makers like me. After all health is wealth"
TANUJ, Prudent Brokers
"For me the quality is something that can’t be compromised on. Being a Working mother I had to somehow manage my time between my family and work and cooking for myself was often left at the mercy of some very unhealthy options. I actually tried food from my colleague’s Gourmet box and now have been using them for some months now"
Swati - UPES
"The meal today was amazing. I especially liked the Garlic Bread with Mushroom. The honey-mustard dressing is my favourite and I am glad to see more of it.There are sometimes days when I wish to skip office but knowing that Caloriesmart will deliver an amazing Gourmet Meal makes me get up and get there!"
RISHABH BHANDARI, Founder - Medisha.com
“Over and above the healthy ingredients, taste and service, I look forward to the surprising variety in the menu. The flexibility of cancelling or ordering extra trays also helps in last minute travel plans and casual guests. Option to pay online is also very convenient.”
"When I tried CalorieSmart, I thought it will be only for a low calorie meal but I was pleasantly surprised to find their cooking being close to home style with plenty of variety in menu and great taste as well. I recommend CalorieSmart to my friends all the time"
RAJEEV KALRA, MD - The Rohatyn Group
“A Big thank you to the CalorieSmart team who have made our one year staying in a hotel feasible! Before CalorieSmart we put on 10kgs each which we subsequently lost as a result of their innovative result of their innovative menu and home style tasty food.”

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