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Prices w.e.f Oct 1, 2016

Premium Meals (500KCal Multi cuisine) ...................................Veg : Rs 169 , Non-Veg : Rs 199

  1. Monday


    Noodle Salad, Lemon Coriander Soup, Veggies with Paneer/Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce, Basil Fried Rice, Stir Fried Chinese Greens

  1. Tuesday


    Corn Kachumbar, Rajasthani Dal, Gatte Ki Sabzi, Methi Roti, Palak Tadka raita

  1. Wednesday

    Arabic Delights

    Fattoush Salad, Hummus With Grilled Veggie Sticks, Spinach Veg/ Chicken Tahini Wrap, Eggplant Moussaka, Flavoured yogurt

  1. Thursday


    Stick Salad with Dip, Palak Rajma, Stuffed Dum Aaloo / Stuffed Chicken Curry, Anardana roti, Phirni

  1. Friday

    Cibo Italiano - Happy Diwali!

    Tossed Salad with Tangy Vinegerette, Minestrone soup, Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne, Grilled Herbed Tofu / Chicken, Coffee Muffin

Executive Meals (700KCal Traditional Indian ) ..................................Veg : Rs 119 , Non-Veg : Rs 149

  1. Monday


    Mint Raita, Chana & Black Udat Dal, Aloo Beans/ Chicken Curry, Masala Rice, Roti

  1. Tuesday


    Aloo, Cucumber, Tomato & Apple Chaat, Kala Chana Gravy, Mixed Veg with Paneer, Jeera Rice, Roti

  1. Wednesday


    Stick Salad, Arhar Dal, Matar Mushroom/ Chicken Keema Matar, Tomato Rice, Roti

  1. Thursday


    Sprouts Salad, Veg Kadhi, Masala Ghia Wadi/ Chicken Masala, Peas Pulao

  1. Friday

    Friday - Happy Diwali!

    Kheer, Rajma, Haryali Gobhi/ Haryali Chicken, Onion Rice, Methi Roti

The Gourmet Box (300Kcal Health in a Box) ..................................Veg : Rs 289 , Non-Veg : Rs 329

  1. Monday

    Mexican Monday

    Mexican Street Salad, Avacado Guacamole & Mixed Bean/ChickenWrap, Tea Kit

  1. Tuesday

    Thai Tuesday

    Crunchy Thai Salad, Veggie / Chicken Green Curry and Sticky Rice, Tea Kit

  1. Wednesday

    Wicked Wednesday

    Waldorf Salad , Tofu/ Chicken Grilled served on Polenta Mash,  Multigrain Herb Bread, Tea Kit

  1. Thursday

    Thursday Special

    Chickpea & Barley Salad, Peri Peri Chicken / Paneer Wrap, Tea Kit

  1. Friday

    Fantastic Friday - Happy Diwali!

    Veg Caesar Salad, Low Fat Paneer Shaslik/ Baked Fish with Olive Tapenade on Lemon Risotto, Apple Crumble, Tea Kit

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