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Our goal is to change perceptions of what it means to eat healthy and help our customers achieve and maintain healthy living. Cheap, poor quality food is in abundance and we recognize that our food must be both affordable and delicious in order to make our customers’ dietary goals truly sustainable.

CalorieSmart is a meal delivery company focused on making healthy eating both easy and affordable. We want to help people establish a common sense approach to healthy eating, an approach that can be sustained so that making smart food choices becomes a way of life. We believe in the philosophy of eating in moderation and at regular intervals thus leading to a healthy metabolism. Hence the thought of designing portion-controlled meals, cooked with high quality ingredients so that each calorie consumed counts for nutrition.

We provide our customers fresh, delicious, low-calorie, nutritionally balanced meals to help them support healthy lifestyle. We are confident you will love the quality and convenience of CalorieSmart meals and join the CalorieSmart community of 1000 + working executives in Gurgaon eating healthy, fresh & delicious meals at a reasonable price.

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What our Customers Say

"Have Started feeling better about myself by fitting this healthy diet into my crazy busy life!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Natasha Sharma Amex
"I've been a subscriber to Caloriesmart close to a year now and can conclusively say its a good option for fussy, variety hungry, hurried individuals like myself.
They provide you with good options (God knows I need them all the time), great food (sometimes erratic) consistent service and have an ear that's receptive to feedback. A good alternative to home food at work!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Sahil Vohra Smile Group

"When I tried CalorieSmart, I thought it will be only for a low calorie meal but I was pleasantly surprised to find their cooking being close to home style
with plenty of variety in menu and great taste as well. I recommend CalorieSmart to my friends all the time!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Rajeev Kalra ,Managing Director
The Rohatyn Group
" It has been exactly 2 years of our association with Calorie Smart. I would credit Axiom's high productivity to Calorie smart. Their extremely light and healthy food has never resulted in anyone here ever dozing off.
Maintaining the same kind of high standard in food quality, logistics and even the competitive prices speaks volumes about them. I would like to thank the entire team of Calorie Smart for entertaining our last minute demands, customizing the needs of rice and roti eaters as well as early deliveries. Please keep up the good work and shed the good mantra of "enthusiasm" our side as well. Cheers!!!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Kunal Behl

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Our Menu

Feeling Peckish?

Premium Meals (500KCal Multi cuisine) ...................................Veg : Rs 139 , Non-Veg : Rs 169 (VAT@13.13% Extra)

  1. Monday

    Mexican Fiesta

    Mixed Veg Taco Salad, Roasted bell pepper Soup, Spicy Beans/ Chicken , Mexican Rice, Vanilla Yogurt

  1. Tuesday

    Maharashtra Cha Jevan

    Beetroot Mustard Salad, Dal Pitla, Mix Veg Kohlapuri, Bhakri Roti, Oats Raita

  1. Wednesday

    Conti Platter

    Grilled Zucchini & Squash Salad, Macaroni Bake, Vegetable / Chicken Cutlet, Oregano Multigrain Bread, Chocochip Custard

  1. Thursday

    Fusion Wrap and Roll

    Tangy Julliane Salad, Spicy & Creamy Potato Chowder, Tawa Paneer / Chicken skewers, Pav Bhajji Tortilla Roll, Chatpatta Mint Raita

  1. Friday

    South East Asian Fare

    Aatao Salad, Veg / Chicken Khaowsuey, Khaowsuey Accompniments, Rice Noodles, Fortune Cookie

Executive Meals (700KCal Traditional Indian ) ..................................Veg : Rs 89 , Non-Veg : Rs 119 (VAT@13.13% Extra)

  1. Monday


    Ghia Raita ,Chole , Dahiwala Ghia / Chicken, Jeera Rice, Dal Roti

  1. Tuesday

    Gatte Ki Sabji

    Green Salad, Gatte Ki Sabzi, Patta Gobi Gajar Matar, Soya Pulao, Ajwain Roti

  1. Wednesday

    Panchratan Dal

    Mango Yogurt, Panchratan Dal, Raseele Aloo/ Chicken , Masala Rice, Dal Roti

  1. Thursday

    Veg Kadhi

    Kachumbar Salad, Vegetable Kadhi, / Chicken , Onion Pulao, Palak Roti

  1. Friday

    Kali Dal

    Garden Salad, Kali Dal, Paneer Mixed Veg / Chicken lababdar, Matar Wale Chawal, Multigrain Roti

The Gourmet Box (300Kcal Health in a Box) ..................................Veg : Rs 300 , Non-Veg : Rs 350 (VAT@13.13% Extra)

  1. Monday

    Detox Monday

    Lentil Soup with Kafir Lime, Exotic Veg & Low fat Paneer / chicken Brown Rice Biryani, Raita

    Tea Kit

  1. Tuesday

    Terrific Tuesday

    Sauted Chilli Veg Salad , Chicken / Veg Bahn Mi Sandwich

    Tea Kit:

  1. Wednesday

    Wednesday Wrap

    Zuchini Pizza Salad , Grilled Pesto Chicken/Veggies Warp

    Tea Kit:

  1. Thursday

    Thursday Special

    Pickled Salad , Chicken/low fat paneer Shwarma in Wheat Pita

    Tea Kit:

  1. Friday

    Fantastic Friday

    Crunchy Veg Salad with Tomato Basil Dressing, Baked Chicken/ Soya Cakes with Oregano multigrain Toasties

    Tea Kit:

“You are what you EAT – so DON’T be Fast ,
Cheap , Easy Or Fake”!

Our Team

The Friendliest People

Staff Member Thumbnail

Priyanka Verma

Director Nutrition & Diet

"The idea and concept of CalorieSmart was initiated in my mind while conducting nutrition and health seminars & workshops for corporate employees."

Staff Member Thumbnail

Dr. Ashima Manek

Director Food Planning & Menu Design

“ CalorieSmart has given me the perfect platform to amalgamate my passion for food and my training in healthcare into a successful entrepreneurial venture.

Staff Member Thumbnail

Dimple Chatterjee

Director Sales & Customer Engagement

"CalorieSmart gives me the platform to be creative with people and their needs. I have been able to channelize my interest in people and personalities

Staff Member Thumbnail

Mayur Mirwani

Director Business Planning & Strategy

"Calorie Smart marries my 2 passions : fitness and food. It fills a gap for working executives to eat at least one meal right daily delivered to their desks.

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